Parents club covers two issues |

Parents club covers two issues

by Linda Hiller

The November meeting of the Douglas High School Parent Club was held Tuesday, Nov. 9, and covered two issues:

n Sophomore competencies. A breakdown of all the newly-implemented competencies need to be passed by this year’s sophomores, the Class of 2002, was presented.

“We discussed what the sophomores will need to graduate in 2002,” said Principal Bev Jeans, who moderated the meeting.

Achievement level testing in the fields of reading, math, Integrated I, language, science and social sciences will be administered to students through their four years at Douglas High School, she said.

Performance assessments in communications differ for each year, according to a handout issued at the meeting, and oral proficiency in foreign language can also be tested each year. Other performance assessments include science inquiry methods, technology and employability.

Parents of sophomores who are concerned about the competencies are encouraged to call the school for more information, Jeans said.

n Teens and alcohol. The second topic of discussion was to address the ongoing problem of teen-age alcohol use.

“We know that high schools mirror their community,” Jeans said. “We also know that we do have an alcohol problem here, and we want to get parents and community members involved in a addressing this topic.”

To help parents and community members put their heads together, Jeans is planning a community meeting for some time in December.

“Ideally, we want to do this before Christmas,” Jeans said. “From a school point-of-view, we can deal with alcohol at our events, but out in the community, we need some help. There are two issues involved. First, underage drinking is illegal – where are the students getting the alcohol? Second, when they drink and drive, it threatens the whole community.”

Several parents at Tuesday’s meeting volunteered to help format the December event.

“I don’t see this as a symposium, but a night with a little bit of information, and then the chance for us to to brainstorm together,” Jeans said.

An organizational meeting for this group will be held in the school library Nov. 30, at 6 p.m. Any parents and community members who would like to become involved problem are welcome to attend.

n Monthly meetings. The DHS parent club meetings are held once a month, and everyone is welcome. Refreshments are served and there is always the opportunity to ask general questions of administrators and/or teachers in attendance.

Douglas High School is located southwest of the intersection of highways 395 and 88 in Minden. The next parent club meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 4:30 p.m. in the school library/media center, which is a separate building behind the main school complex.

The topic of next month’s meeting will be the internship and COE programs available to students.

For more information on either the November or December meeting, or the teenagers and alcohol information project, call Jeans at 782-5136.