Pa-Wa-Lu kids raise $10,000 |

Pa-Wa-Lu kids raise $10,000

Linda Hiller

The results are in: Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School raised more than $10,000 from the “Mud-A-Thon” last Saturday.

More than 200 students, staff and parent volunteers spent much of the day cleaning mud and debris away from the homes of residents in the badly-flooded neighborhoods adjacent to the Carson Valley Golf Course.

“I am just ecstatic,” said vice principal Fritz Battcher who headed the fund-raiser and had hoped to raise at least $10,000. Last year, the PWLMS “Trash-A-Thon” raised half as much.

“The response from the residents of Douglas County was overwhelming. I’m just now coming down from the adrenaline high,” he said. “Now my muscles are starting to ache.”

Douglas County volunteer cordinator Pam Jenkins said both the students and the adult volunteers were great.

“Sen. (Lawrence) Jacobsen held the kids captive with his speech,” she said.

Battcher said that as of Tuesday, proceeds from the “Mud-A-Thon” were $10,500, with more “still trickling in.”

“The barbecue and everything was so great for these kids,” he said. “They will probably never again be involved in a project like this, with the governor and the senators, and all the coverage we got from the newspapers. I hope they’ll always remember it. Thank you to everyone.”