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Outdoorswoman opens new business in Markleeville

by Joyce DeVore

We have a lovely and talented local woman on television. Teddy Carlson-Brown appears 7 a.m. each Thursday for 30 minutes on the show “The Ultimate Sportsman.”

“I thought the people in Alpine County would want to know that the show is finally on because so many of them helped me practice archery, shooting, hiking, outdoor cooking, and more. It’s fun to see the final product,” she said.

The show airs on Versus through Dec. 22.

An outfitter who hunted with Teddy and her husband Dr. Steven Brown encouraged both of them to apply for the show, which is a series of hunting and fishing competitions combined with physical agility trials, knowledge-based conservation talks, and archery and rifle range competitions. Both she and her husband made the first cut, “but I’m sure that the producer had many more applications from men and many less from women, so I feel that the odds were in my favor,” Carlson-Brown explained.

Since Carlson-Brown has a full time job running a real estate business in Markleeville and a husband, and two children, she mentioned that she almost hoped that she would not make the second cut, but only Teddy made the final 12. She did and met the first challenge of leaving home for seven to 10 days at a time over a period of 16 months in 12 different locations to film the show, which was completed in December 2009.

At an early age, Carlson-Brown camped with her family in Alpine County every summer for up to two weeks at a time.

“I learned to not only enjoy the fun of fishing, but also the peace and solitude that came with it,” she added. 

Her first big game hunt was only about eight years ago, when she and her husband went on an archery elk hunt in Colorado.  “Elk hunting is physically demanding.  It wasn’t about the kill for me, but about experiencing nature close up and pushing myself physically,” Carlson-Brown continued.

 She has since hunted mule deer, moose, whitetail deer, Sitka black-tail deer, antelope, elk, and plains game in Africa.

“I will not harvest an animal that I won’t eat. I do not believe in trophy hunting. I feel fine about hunting when I know that it has a conservation purpose to thin herds and when the meat is enjoyed by my family and friends,” she explained.

She did not hesitate to say that the competition was fair all-around: there were two eliminations early on based on group votes, but the rest were performance-based.

“I do have to admit that the men became very competitive, but that didn’t really surprise me and it actually made me try even harder,” Carlson-Brown added. 

When I asked her about being in “all male” camps, she told me that she has never had a bad experience and that women are joining the hunt camps with more frequency. Her husband, daughter Sarah, and son Josh are “hooked” on fishing and hunting and love the outdoors, so the experience is a family passion, too.

Her family is also supportive of her new business in Markleeville, Intero Real Estate Services. The new office building is nearing completion and is located next to the Markleeville Art Gallery. Local resident, Nick Hartzell, is the contractor of the project which will house the real estate office downstairs and a 600-square-foott apartment upstairs.

Carlson-Brown has been selling real estate in the area for a number of years and “has a sincere appreciation for what the area has to offer. I truly believe that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth,” she said. 

Carlson-Brown investigated many franchises before opting for Intero. Intero is well known in the Bay area, Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County, which is where most Alpine County real estate buyers reside. The company is growing worldwide, offering cutting-edge technology and leadership. Carlson-Brown explained that Intero people “are proponents of overall healthy living, going green and giving back to the community.”

Carlson-Brown and business partner Dennis McDuffee, along with their team, including Beth and John Cressaty and Christy Canatsey-Malarchuk, are already planning community events that promote the area’s businesses and provide local fun for families. 

“We’re hoping to have music, wine-tasting, food and fun for the entire family. The idea is to cooperate with the chamber of commerce, local businesses, the artists, and the general public to promote and showcase the area,” Carlson-Brown added.

Carlson-Brown and McDuffee also have an Intero office under construction in the Waterloo Center in Gardnerville.