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Out-of-date county policies pose risk

Four county policies directly related to the recent Tiregate thefts had not been updated over the past decade, an assessment determined.

A risk assessment conducted by the firm Moss Adams found that it had been almost a dozen years since the county’s vehicle policies were updated. Financial and purchasing, property and personnel had all languished for more than nine years without being updated.

While work has been ongoing to update the policies, Moss Adams determined the failure to update policies “as needed or every five years,” posed a major risk to the county’s ability to conduct business.

The risk assessment and an update on a Nevada Division of Investigation report on the Tiregate thefts are scheduled to take place this morning at the Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting.

District Attorney Mark Jackson is scheduled to discuss the state report. Investigators interviewed nearly 60 county employees in compiling the 99-page report. In December, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office declined to prosecute anyone, saying that chief perpetrator Chris Oakden’s April 2017 death rendered the issue moot.

The report which examined the county’s 91 policies and procedures said that as of November 2018, an inventory showed that several required update and review.

“As a general rule, every policy should be reviewed every 1-3 years,” the report said.

Moss Adams said retaining county staff was rated at the highest area of risk in the survey, including recruitment, compensation, leadership turnover and lack of succession planning.

“Employees report that Douglas County is not perceived to be competitive compared to regional jurisdictions in regards to pay and benefits,” the report said, citing an increase in the voluntary departure of employees from 51 to 115 in 2017-18.

“At the same time the number of job applications received dropped 16.6 percent,” the report said.

The report said that during 2017-18, the county lost 330 years of accumulated experience to retirements.

Commissioners meet starting 9 a.m. today at the historic Douglas County Courthouse, 1616 Eighth St., Minden.