Opening doors |

Opening doors


Dear Kristen Smith I think you need to read your letter over again yourself. I believe the moral to your son’s story lies in the 9th paragraph of your letter not the 10th as you believe.

Seems he gets to graduate and gets a better job than he wanted and look there is a smile on his face.

Don’t be so quick to judge someone as you have the principal. Looks like his decision actually turned out for the better. And in fact may have saved your son’s life. I’m sure the principal’s judgment was well thought out and the matter was not taken lightly.

If your son has decided to join the Rangers, being in a hurry is not always the best path. I think to recognize when God is opening doors and closing them is a much better sense to hone. I think that way your son will become a successful Ranger you can be proud of that and will return home alive and well. God’s timing is perfect.

In the end I think that your demand for an apology will become a heart felt thank-you. Tell your son thank you for his desire to serve. Those who are called into a career rather than force one seem to do better.

God Bless.

Jack McGeein