Open burning season starts |

Open burning season starts

Staff Reports

The spring 2007 open burning period for the East Fork Fire District begins Saturday and continues through May 20.

Residents of Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa, Sunridge (east side of Highway 395 only), Johnson Lane, East Valley, Fish Springs, Ruhenstroth, Topaz Ranch Estates, Topaz Lake, Ranchos and Sheridan area (east side of Foothill Road) are required to obtain an open burn regulation form for the current burn period that includes information and all regulations required to ensure a safe burn and maintain compliance with air quality standards.

Residents of Jacks Valley, Indian Hills and the west side of Foothill Road to the California state border (Sierra Forest Fire Protection District) must call 783-6415 to schedule an onsite inspection prior to obtaining a burning permit.

Residents are required to obtain a copy of the current regulations for the open burn period. Upon obtaining the regulations, residents are permitted to burn between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Prior to ignition, residents must call Douglas County Dispatch Center at the number provided on the open burn regulation form to confirm that burning is allowed that day. The fire chief or his designee shall determine on a daily basis whether burning will be allowed due to current or predicted weather conditions.

The burning of garbage, rubbish, waste, toxic material, construction debris, plastics or other hydrocarbon products or fuels is prohibited.

The fire department, its officers or agents may, without further process of law, extinguish or require to have extinguished a fire ignited or maintained in violation of the regulations. Any person who violates any provision of the open burn regulations is guilty of a misdemeanor, and is responsible for all costs of fire suppression associated with the violation of the regulations. For any additional information, contact Fire Marshal Steve Eisele with the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts at 783-6415.

Burn regulation forms will be available beginning today at the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts’ Administration Office at 1594 Esmeralda Avenue in Minden, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, the TRE Sheriff substation at 1550 S. Highway 395 in Holbrook Junction, the North County Sheriff substation at 3587 N. Sunridge in Minden, the Ranchos Sheriff substation at 1281 Kimmerling Lane, No. 9 and Full Circle Compost at 3190 Highway 395 across the highway from Silver City RV Park. The Sheriff substation’s and Full Circle Compost are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Regulations will also be available in The Record-Courier today, March 14 and March 16. In addition, the regulations can also be downloaded and printed from the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts’ website at

For additional information, please contact Toni Braga with the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts at 783-6415.