One’s diploma should be earned |

One’s diploma should be earned

A diploma is not a prize someone wins. It’s something that students in whatever field of endeavor must earn.

Who should be allowed to walk in Douglas High School’s graduation ceremony was the topic of an emotional debate among school board trustees on Tuesday night.

There are traditionally a couple of ceremonies at Douglas High on graduation day, one for adult education students that occurs during the afternoon and the main event that happens later in the day.

We applaud every one of the students who achieves a diploma at whatever level. We believe that education is a key to unlock future success regardless of whether a student got the minimum 20.5 credits or the 24 required to achieve an advanced diploma.

There is definitely a difference in the amount of work involved in achieving graduation and we believe that is a difference that should be celebrated.

On the other hand, adjusted diplomas are awarded during the traditional graduation ceremony, and it seems to us a mistake to not grant those receiving adult diplomas the same treatment.

Perhaps providing some more distinctive mark of excellence for those who do achieve honors status is the best solution.

No matter what the decision, it won’t be the color of the graduation robes, but the mettle of the graduate that will make the difference in the long haul.