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On the cover of a magazine

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz/The Record-Courier

Carson Valley has a new cover girl.

Scarselli sixth-grader Maya Wolery was featured on the cover of Discovery Girls magazine which features girls from a different state each issue.

“I’m never going to forget this experience,” Maya said. “It was just awesome.”

Discovery Girls is a magazine for ages 8 and up with the goal of empowering girls. They do not focus on appearance, as much as on character and dealing with issues of growing up such as friends, gossip, bullying and family relationships.

The magazine comes out every two months, and Maya was one of 12 girls selected for the Nevada issue.

To apply, Maya filled out a five-page questionnaire last summer about who she is, her values, her family and friend relationships, her school and community, her interests, passions, hobbies, dreams and goals. She also sent in some photos, and waited to hear back.

“It seemed like fun,” Maya said. “I didn’t think I’d actually get in.”

In August, she received an email stating that her parents needed to call the magazine.

“It said something vague. It didn’t actually say I got in,” Maya said.

When her mother, Mary, called them back, she was told Maya was selected out of more than 500 applicants.

“I was thrilled, but not too surprised because Maya put a lot of thought into her questionnaire,” Mary said.

Maya was at school when she received the news.

““I was literally jumping up and down,” Maya said. “My parents were like, ‘Oh, we get to drive to Las Vegas, great,’ but they were excited too.”

The family traveled to Las Vegas in October for the two-day photo shoot where the 12 girls met at Serendipity Restaurant.

The first day’s shoot took place at the restaurant and the gardens outside.

The second day was at a local studio where each girl had their make up and hair professionally done.

They then had an individual photo shoot, and photos in twos and threes for possible cover shots.

“It was a bit intimidating. I got a thrift store dress from Sacramento, and had no makeup on,” Maya said of showing up to the photo shoot. “The other girls had custom made outfits and fake eyelashes.”

After the photo shoot, the girls contributed to advice and information for the issue, as well as created a personal blog about their experience.

“I like cameras,” Maya said. “I enjoyed making new friends, and all the girls were so nice.”

Maya was featured inside the magazines’ pages at a dessert party with the other 11 girls, along with an individual photo with a brief biography. The cover photo shows Maya with another girl telling her a secret.

“We did not know that Maya was going to be on the cover until we received our copy on March 19. Needless to say, we were thrilled,” Mary said. “It was also exciting to walk into Barnes & Noble and see her magazine and face on the rack next to all the other magazines.”

The magazine and a feature on each girl can be seen at the website, http://www.discoverygirls.com.