Offering prayers for the Super Bowl |

Offering prayers for the Super Bowl

by Pete Nelson

There will be a lot of prayers today. Most of them centered upon placing a football through the uprights or into the hands of “our team.”

Yes, today’s game will prompt more prayers than any of us would admit, yet to what end? It’s a game.

An important game to enthusiasts and advertisers, the players and the fans, the owners and the venues; yet I wonder if we might be taking it just a tad too seriously.

Remember when we celebrated a great play or miraculous catch even when it was made by the other team? I enjoy watching the best of the best because there are moments of amazing athletic feats that I could never accomplish. I marvel at the dance they play to move the ball even a yard or two. The strategy of the game fascinates me.

At the same time, try as I might, I just cannot bring myself to pray for one team over the other. While a big fan of the underdog, I remain concerned that all the hype and expectations increases the chance of serious injury to the players.

So my prayer this day is for a great game. A game where every player is at their best and no one is sacrificed for the sake of the big play.

I look forward to seeing coaches and players greeting each other with the sportsmanship and generous appreciation of the opportunity to show us all what the game really represents.

We are a people who love to win. I pray that we all find reason for celebration and remember that each player upon the field today has won our respect to be there. As for the rest of your prayers, I will take the advice of our reader board several weeks ago, “Give God your prayers, not your advice.”

While we will all be giving the coaches and players our best well-meaning advice today, let our prayers be for the safety of the players and for the best from all of us. Just sayin’.

Pastor Pete Nelson of Carson Valley United Methodist Church is a member of the Carson Valley Ministers’ Association.