Offenders back in custody for violations |

Offenders back in custody for violations

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Two men who pleaded guilty to stealing dirt bikes from a Gardnerville Ranchos garage are back in custody having violated conditions of their pre-sentence release.

Shortly after Taylor Monge, 20, and Brian Hearold, 19, pleaded guilty March 19 and were released on their own recognizance pending sentencing, they were back in custody for separate violations.

Monge is being held on $10,000 cash bail after he tested positive for a controlled substance.

Hearold was arrested for obstructing an officer when he gave a sheriff’s deputy a false name who was questioning him at the Gardnerville skate park.

District Judge Tod Young set Hearold’s bail at $20,000 cash.

They face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine after each pleaded guilty to stealing two dirt bikes Feb. 20.

According to reports, a resident in the 1300 block of Rancho Road reported a burglary in progress on Bluerock shortly after 10 p.m. Feb. 20.

The witness said he noticed three males loading what appeared to be a motorcycle into the truck and heard one man say, “Hurry up.”

Shortly after midnight, a deputy noticed three subjects in the parking lot of the Tillman Lane 7-Eleven, one pushing a dirt bike.

Monge and Hearold were arrested shortly after the incident.

Sentencing is May 14.

On Tuesday, Young — who represented Hearold in juvenile court — reminded the defendant that he was watching the two offenders’ behavior prior to sentencing in determining whether they would go to prison or get probation.

Young asked Hearold if he was trying to join his father in prison.

Hearold’s father, Brian L. Hearold, is serving a life sentence for a 1995 murder which occurred in Carson City.

“I am not dissing on your dad, but you don’t want to be like that. If you’re not going to go to prison, I need you to think how you’re going to be different than your dad,” he said.

“You’re dad participated in the kidnap, torture for days of a man who was shoved in a tool box and shot in the head. Your dad wasn’t the leader but he has to now spend the rest of his life in prison.”