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Observation deck coming to Jake’s Wetland

by Rachel Spacek
One of the observation nooks in Jake's Wetland.

The Minden Town Board approved a request by Matthew Kruse, an Eagle Scout candidate, to build an observation nook on the peninsula at Jake’s Wetlands in Minden. The board approved Kruse’s request for a budget of $5,000 for the project.

JD Frisby, Minden superintendent of public works, said staff has been working with Kruse on the project and helped develope the proposed budget.

Kruse said the observation nook would be similar to those scattered throughout Jake’s Wetlands. He proposed putting in a pathway that leads toward the peninsula and putting the observation deck at the edge of the peninsula.

His goal is to help people see the wetlands better.

“Currently it is just a solid mass of willows and you can’t see through them to see out to the pond,” Kruse said. “The observation nook would be out on the edge so you can look out onto the water.”

Kruse said the $5,000 would only be needed to put in decomposed granite over the train and for the materials needed to construct the nook.

“You wouldn’t have to pay for the work because it would all be provided by my troop and other troops and different organizations,” Kruse said.

Jake’s Wetland is at the end of the Martin Slough near Lucerne and Ironwood.

Jake’s Wetland began as a water treatment and irrigation system project in 2004 when Minden received $950,000. Since then, workers and volunteers have planted 120 trees, 750 shrubs, three different varieties of pine, 2,000 feet of split-rail fencing and a 2,500-foot irrigation system, according to previous reporting by The Record-Courier.

Jake’s Wetland was named after longtime Nevada legislator and Minden residence Lawrence Jacobsen who died in 2007 at age 85.

Today, visitors of the wetland can stroll the perimeter and enjoy looking out into the water.