Nursing center ready to close |

Nursing center ready to close

Staff reports

All of the residents of Barton Skilled Nursing Facility have been placed and 90 percent of the employees have found other jobs, Administrator Ester VanBaren said Friday.

The center still has 10 residents, who will all be moved by Jan. 30. Two or three employees will complete the final cleaning and administrative duties.

“There will be a couple of staff members still in the building until Feb. 17, cleaning it out and other miscellaneous stuff,” VanBaren said. “Right now, there are boxes all over the place. It is hard to be here.”

She said only a few employees were placed within the Barton health system, but nursing facilities from Carson and Reno came to Barton Skilled to recruit employees and did interviews on site.

“A good percentage have found jobs. We brought people in to do interviews. Some staff were kind of immobilized so we brought the employers to them,” she said.

VanBaren said the residents are doing well and the families were all helpful, once they got over the initial shock.

“They’re all great patients and it wasn’t difficult placing them,” she said.