Numbers burn area could see increased flooding |

Numbers burn area could see increased flooding

Staff Reports
An ash devil drifts across the burned landscape above Pine Nut Road 2 on Tuesday afternoon.
Kurt Hildebrand

Potential thunderstorms forecast for today prompted county officials to warn residents near the Numbers Fire that they could face increased flooding.

The National Weather Service in Reno has outlined the potential for thunderstorms in the burn area of the Numbers Fire 2-9 p.m. today, with the potential for flooding the rest of the week in the Fish Springs and Ruhenstroth areas.

Douglas County and the National Weather Service continue to work in partnership to monitor the situation.

The burned off vegetation increases the potential for flooding and the potential for debris flow in the area.

The Numbers Fire burned intensely near the wildland urban interface in the Pine Nut Creek and Smelter Creek watersheds.

Due to the close proximity of the fire to the urban areas, areas which have not previously flooded could be see high water, in addition to the Pine Nut Creek wash and the Smelter Creek wash drainage areas and road crossings.

Tips for residents:

■ Never drive or walk through flooded streets; Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Do not go through flood waters.

■ Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings

■ Sign up for Douglas County’s REVERSE 911 service at

■ Make sure government alerts are turned on in your phone settings

■ Check on your neighbors to make sure they are okay.

■ Know what to do before, during, and after a flood.

■ Flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect, so purchase now to protect your family.

■ Listen to local officials by radio, TV or social media, follow the Douglas County Facebook, Twitter or website for updates

■ Evacuate when advised by authorities or if you are in a flood or flash flood prone area.

■ If you are on high ground above flooded areas, being prepared to stay where you are may be the best protection.

■ Remove yard items which might have the potential for damage.

■ Clear away any existing debris which may clog drainage.