Notes reflect loss and affection for teenager |

Notes reflect loss and affection for teenager

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A few days after Austin Kirby died, two of his classmates brought his mother a homemade folder stuffed with letters, candy and messages to the 15-year-old Carson Valley Middle School ninth grader.

Many were written to Austin; some were signed, some were anonymous.

The notes offered a glimpse at how much Austin’s classmates liked him and what impact his death at age 15 had on them.

He had been a student at the Gardnerville middle school since August, having moved to the area from Smith Valley.

Here are excerpts:

n “What I like about you: How nice you were, you were the nicest person I have ever met. Your never-ending kindness, your hilarious personality, your sense of humor. How you respected me and made me laugh.”

n “We miss you.”

n “We really never talked to each other, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t care about you. You are an incredible kid, and I know not a single person in this world could say differently.”

n “He didn’t care what other people thought. We will always remember Austin by his cute smile and giggle. Austin wuz an awesome guy.”

n “I hope time passes fast, but I know it won’t. I hope everyone can help each other pass this hard time by.”

n “Some of us didn’t get to know you and wish we had. Others got to know you very well and will miss you. You made many friends, some you didn’t even know of. But no matter what, you will always be in the hearts of many people. We will miss you.”

n “You always reached out to every1 even if they wouldn’t reach back.”

n “We will pray for you up in heaven and tell you how things are down here.”

n “Words alone can’t describe how I feel about you but I did my best.”

n “If I ever start laughing for no reason, I’ll know it’s you saying something silly.”

n “Chocolate makes everyone feel better. Even though I know you will never eat it, I am going to give you some anyways. Enjoy!”

n “I heard from lots of people you were going to ask me out. Just to let you know, I would have definitely said ‘yes.'”