Not the hoped for concert |

Not the hoped for concert


I was happy to see the letter from Joyce O. Eckrem concerning the July 4th performance by the Carson Valley Pops Orchestra. I have been to many of their concerts in Minden Park, though for the past couple of years I believe it has been in Gardnerville. Being an extremely patriotic American I have always truly enjoyed their performances. This year, however, as Ms. Eckrem pointed out, the concert was very disappointing. We should have known what to expect when the first selection they played was “TAPS,” which is far from a celebratory song. This was July 4th, a joyous occasion.

Due to the terrible sound system used for this concert, most of us couldn’t even hear what the lady was saying and she said a whole lot – far too much in my opinion. In between her rhetoric the orchestra played about four songs that we could barely hear, a couple of them very slow and not recognizable, by me and my friends anyway, and then went on break.

In previous years in Minden Park, they really had the spectators rocking with all the loud patriotic songs. I remember one year they even had a young lady playing the fiddle during the break and she was fabulous.

For the first time I can remember, many many people were leaving right after the intermission and that was sad to see. I surely don’t mean to come off as critical but I wanted to voice my opinion for whoever plans this event next year, if they do it again next year. Please, use a much better sound system, cut down on the talking and play the joyous, celebratoy songs. There was an extremely low turnout and that was probably due to the lack of hype for the concert. The only way I knew about it was at a previous concert, they made a quick announcement. Please, keep the July 4th concert at Minden Park but do a whole lot better job planning it.

Tom Cashen