Not superior, separate |

Not superior, separate


I find it disturbing that people grossly distort the Constitution, quotes of our founding fathers, and the letter of June 27 from Vicki Bates. I must say I commend Vicki for her letter and express full agreement with my understanding of her clearly expressed concerns.

The Constitution and its founding fathers specified that religion shall be separate from government but did not indicate that it would be superior. In the very bill of rights it is specified that no rights given in the Constitution shall be superior to any other rights. Religions do not have the right to insert themselves into politics just as the government does not have the right to dictate to religions.

Those who petition our government to act in accordance with their religious tenets are asking the government to show differential respect for their particular religion. The first amendment dictates that the government shall pass no laws respecting any establishment of religion. Religions are asking government to violate the Constitution.

Twisting a concern for an establishment of religion trying to insert its influence on the government into a fear that the government is trying to infringe upon First Amendment rights is convoluted logic.

In all of the voluminous writings and quotes from our founding fathers on this matter I have found no where is the “superiority” of religion over government mentioned, only the separation.

Religions should not insert their doctrines into the workings of government. Separation applies both ways.

Ben Justus