Not happy with DAWG |

Not happy with DAWG


I am speaking to the nonparticipating members of DAWG, Douglas County Animal Welfare Group, please note that you number more than 125 members. The group is run roughshod by a few members, the incoming President Tina Dillon, outgoing President Tondra Vrees, Treasurer Kathy Toranto, DAWG letter editor Diana Furness and several others.

First, DAWG has a few generous members who have donated money specifically designated for building a new wing to the Douglas County Animal Shelter located on Dump Road or preferably a completely independent shelter owned by DAWG.

The aforementioned members attempted to use the funds donated specifically by the members for a second dog exercise yard. However, the county refuses to accept grass as an acceptable ground cover and furthermore the county has let the present play yard turn to dirt. The county will only allow astro turf for the second $150,000 yard. A bit pricy. The aforementioned individuals wanted to usurp the will of the generous donors and use the money the generous members donated for general operating expenses. The DAWG group is a 5013C nontaxable corporation and it is clear that they intend to do their own thing.

They have violated the terms and conditions of the foster adoption contract this writer had with them. They, without notice or discussion, have arbitrarily changed the terms and conditions of their contract with me. I caution anyone who is currently fostering or anticipating a foster be cautious because even if it is all in writing, as mine was, they have no problem calling a vote with the core cabal of members and changing the terms and conditions of the contract.

James Skiman