North Douglas County residents asked to help with identity crisis |

North Douglas County residents asked to help with identity crisis

Christy Chalmers, Staff Writer

The Indian Hills General Improvement District board wants north Douglas County residents to help settle a potential identity crisis.

With plans under way for a new post office to be built in the area, GID leaders say it’s time to review their mailing addresses.

The neighborhoods on either side of Highway 395 between the Carson City line and Plymouth Drive are colloquially known as Indian Hills.

Likewise, the Jacks Valley and Johnson Lane areas use those informal monikers.

But when the mail comes, the Jacks Valley and Indian Hills areas share Carson City’s name because they use a Carson City ZIP code. The Johnson Lane area is called Minden because it uses Minden’s ZIP code.

GID leaders want a consensus on what the area should be called. They are hoping to submit potential names to the Postal Service that will distinguish the area from Carson City and Minden.

“The post office says they’ll deliver to a ZIP code. They don’t really care if it’s called Jacks Valley or Indian Hills,” said Jim Bentley, general manager of the GID.

GID board chairman Steve Weaver said he thinks “Indian Hills” is a good candidate, though “Carson Valley” or “North Carson Valley” might be more inclusive.

Postal Service officials say they’re open to a different delivery area name if the residents want one, but it doesn’t necessarily hinge on the new post office – which, incidentally, is being called Sageview Station.

“We like people to use the name associated with the ZIP code, but we can program the equipment to recognize different names for one ZIP code,” said Becky Bernard, a manager of postal operations based in Reno. “They could definitely be called Indian Hills and still have a Carson City ZIP code.”

She said Sageview Station may get its own ZIP code, but the decision hasn’t been made.

Already, opinions on the delivery area name are differing.

“I don’t think Indian Hills would be a good name for this post office because it’s going to encompass areas that are outside Indian Hills,” said Joanne Riekenberg, a former GID board member and current Postal Service employee. “I think we need a distinction.”

Another suggested the shortest name possible, noting residents would see a long-term savings in time and ink to address letters.

The GID board plans to ask Indian Hills residents for their opinions in a future newsletter. The most popular recommendations will go to the Postal Service.

Breakout: To suggest a name for the north Douglas County mail delivery area, call the Indian Hills General Improvement District at 267-2805.