No ruling yet in Centerville slaughterhouse lawsuit |

No ruling yet in Centerville slaughterhouse lawsuit

Residents crowd into the CVIC Hall to speak on a proposed slaughterhouse in November 2019.
Kurt Hildebrand

A senior judge hearing the case seeking to overturn the county’s denial of a meat processing plant at a former Centerville dairy is slogging through the voluminous record.

Senior Judge Janet Berry issued an order rejecting an attempt by attorneys for Sinclair Family Farms to introduce additional evidence, including an Aug. 13 guest opinion published by The Record-Courier and a Gofundme page established by opponents.

Berry said she’d listened to the recording of the six-hour planning commission meeting and still had to go through the county commissioners hearing, noting that the record in the case included 1,600 pages.

As of Monday, no hearing had been set in the case, and it’s possible Berry will issue a ruling without a new hearing.

Berry said she wanted to watch the video of the meeting before rendering her decision, which would be forthcoming soon after attorneys filed their briefs.

Karin Sinclair went before the Douglas County Planning Commission in September 2019 seeking a permit and two variances.

After a significant debate, planning commissioners split 3-3. Because the seventh member didn’t attend one of the aye votes changed to a denial in order to allow Sinclair to appeal to county commissioners.

Commissioners voted 5-0 against the permit after a four-hour hearing where an estimated 400 people turned out, more than could safely occupy the building. Overflow was set up in Minden Park where residents could listen to the action.

The decision prompted Sinclair to sue in December 2019, calling the decision arbitrary and capricious.

Should Berry rule against the county, she could order commissioners to hold a new hearing. Berry’s decision would be subject to review by the Nevada Supreme Court.