No recreational pot sales in Carson, Douglas |

No recreational pot sales in Carson, Douglas

by Anne Knowles

Recreational marijuana went on sale in parts of Nevada on Saturday, but not in Carson City.

“Retail marijuana sales will not be legal in Carson City on July 1,” said Carson City Manager Nick Marano.

The Board of Supervisors imposed a moratorium on recreational pot businesses of any kind through Sept. 19.

Douglas County commissioners opted out of Nevada’s recreational marijuana law.

At its meeting Thursday, the board may discuss extending that ban to the end of the year.

At the same time, the supervisors will consider a cut out allowing businesses that cultivate, manufacture and distribute retail pot to apply for a new business license.

That leaves the dispensaries, which are the retail point of sale for consumers.

“If (the board) wants to allow retail sales of marijuana, we will need to start the process of changing our current codes, chiefly Title 18 as it relates to zoning requirements. Those changes would need to go to the Planning Commission first and then come back to the Board of Supervisors for two readings. So, the earliest that retail sales could begin in Carson City would be after the second board meeting in August, that would be Aug. 17,” said Marano.

And that’s assuming the Carson City dispensaries apply for and receive a license to sell retail pot from the state.

Washoe and Clark counties are allowing sales of recreational marijuana by licensed dispensaries starting today.