No more delays planned at high school |

No more delays planned at high school

by Merrie Leininger, staff writer

Douglas High School officials and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office are working together to solve on-going traffic and parking problems at the high school.

On Monday, the first day of school, there were delays on Highway 88, said DCSO Deputy Greg Shields.

“I went down there yesterday morning,” Shields said Tuesday. “It was hard to get (onto Highway 88) from both sides of County (Road), then I noticed the crosswalks weren’t painted in, so I called (NDOT), but they started painting at lunch time. That was the main part of the jam. The morning was a lot worse. Not all the students are leaving campus at lunch.”

Nevada Division of Transportation public information officer Scott Magruder said the construction in front of the school will not be a problem, however. Construction will only take place on the weekends now that school is in session, he said. The final layer of paving still needs to be laid down, Magruder said. It should be completed in three weeks. However, paving will continue on Highway 395 well into November. The whole project costs $10.4 million, Magruder said.

n Parking. Vice Principal Tom Morgan said the school has no control over the students who have raised residents’ hackles by parking in front of their homes. Morgan said a small group of students prefer to park off campus and congregate there.

Shields said the sheriff’s office asked students not to park in front of apartments on Pinewood Road behind Ironwood Center.

“We have a Douglas County code about parking in front of the apartment buildings, but they can park across the street on the other curb and there’s no problem. I’ve talked to some kids and they’re real receptive to it,” Shields said.

Other than those few bumps, the first day of school went well, Morgan said.

“The first day of school went great. Everybody was pretty excited. The kids found their classes and everybody got there,” he said.

Morgan said there is plenty of parking for students in the school’s lot right now. He said the new parking policy will be put in place Sept. 11. Students are required to buy a $2 parking pass they hang on their rearview mirrors. Students who last year bought parking stickers will not be required to buy the passes.

“If they don’t have the stickers, they will be required to buy a pass. We are trying to regain control of fire lanes and handicapped parking. This year, we will require a pass on every car,” he said.

Students will be able to bring different cars to school, as long as they have their pass in the car. This change was requested by the students, Morgan said.

“The kids were upset. They didn’t want to put the stickers on their cars and it just created more trouble trying to track down who the car belongs to. So we’re optimistic that (the passes) will work real well,” Morgan said.