No discrepancies found in Douglas recount |

No discrepancies found in Douglas recount

The polls were open in Nevada's oldest precinct, Genoa, on Nov. 8. Genoa was one of the precincts selected for a recount.
Kurt Hildebrand |

Nevada’s oldest precinct was one of two recounted in Douglas County as part of a sample conducted by election officials across the state.

Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis said that Genoa and Daggett were the two precincts selected for the recount.

“We finished on Monday and sent it to the Secretary of State’s office,” she said. “We were good with ours.”

Nevada’s election results are being challenged by Presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente, who ran dead last in the Nevada returns.

La Fuente, who ran outside any political party, received less than a quarter of a percent of the vote.

“I’m only interested in validating the election and exposing the vulnerabilities I believe exist in our current system,” La Fuente said of the recount. “I’m not trying to change the results. If that happens, so be it, but I’m not trying to force it. ”

De La Fuente says he picked Nevada to balance out the recount and force the media to focus on the need for substantive reform to maintain the integrity of the Nation’s elections. He said there are a lot of similarities between the Nevada and Wisconsin scenarios except for who won.

The five counties recounting ballots also include Carson City, Mineral, Nye and Clark counties.

State officials have said that if there’s a at least 1 percent discrepancy for De La Fuente or Clinton a full state recount will be launched.

Clinton narrowly defeated Trump in Nevada, the first time the Silver State has voted for the losing presidential candidate in 40 years.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office, Clinton led Trump by 27,202 votes, winning Clark and Washoe counties.

Senator-elect Catherine Cortez-Masto defeated Rep. Joe Heck by a narrower margin, with 26,915 votes to take that election.