No contact with TCC |

No contact with TCC

Michael Schneider

Douglas County Commissioners, at the end of Thursday’s meeting, took a little time to discuss their impressions of Tuesday’s legislative select committee on the formation of Tahoe County.

“I came out feeling comfortable that a new county was not the direction of the Legislature,” said County Manager Dan Holler.

After a six-hour hearing at the legislative building in Carson City, members of the committee told the Tahoe camp and the Valley camp to get together and work out their issues and differences.

Legislators admitted there were problems to be solved at the Lake, but said they didn’t think splitting up counties was the way to accomplish this.

The committee told both sides to meet at 1:30 p.m Monday at the legislative building to present them with a plan for improving the Lake.

The commission said it had not heard from the Tahoe Citizens Committee or chairman Michael Jabara since the meeting.

“We’ve had no contact with the TCC,” said Holler. “They’ve been relatively quiet.”

“We’re just waiting to develop a response,” said commission vice chairman Don Miner, “hoping the TCC will contact us with suggestions.”

“Your mission is to identify specific issues,” said Holler.

Miner said he wants to look at room tax and downsizing general improvement districts.

“Keep in mind what the legislative people want to see also,” said chairman Jacques Etchegoyhen. “We’re playing to a different crowd.”

“We need to go back with a good faith offer of settling this,” said commissioner Kelly Kite.

And Etchegoyhen on TCC lobbyist Harvey Whittemore: “Harvey uses divine intervention to make budgets work.”

Commissioner Bernie Curtis said Douglas County has already done a lot of what the Legislature wanted from the county before the hearing.

“The Legislature won’t expect much more from Douglas County than we’ve already done,” said Curtis.

Etchegoyhen said that it is unlikely that the Legislature will even hear the issue at the next legislative session two years from now.

“The numbers will only get worse,” said Etchegoyhen.

“The TCC brought up some good points,” said Curtis. “We should recognize them and make sure the problems don’t happen again.”

“Politics is a weird beast,” said Etchegoyhen.