No Columbus Day in Nevada |

No Columbus Day in Nevada

Columbus Day is celebrated in some states as the day when Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americas, which occurred on Oct. 12, 1492. It is a day that is not only celebrated in many parts of North America but also parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Although it was often mistakenly thought of as the day when America was discovered, that idea has met with some controversy over the years due to the preponderance of scientific evidence that proves that this explorer wasn’t the first European to set foot on the shores of the New World. Regardless of this fact, Columbus Day is still celebrated in some states because this explorer’s exploration of the Americas did open up the New World to European colonization. It is also celebrated by many Italian-American communities who view this day with much pride.

Here in Nevada, we’ve traded Columbus Day for Nevada’s birthday which will be celebrated on October 28 with the big parade in Carson City. Nevada’s Heritage Celebration is a gathering of community spirit to salute our state’s past and look ahead to its future.

It is a grand celebration commemorating admission to statehood on October 31, 1864. Nevadan’s have the distinction of holding the largest statehood celebration in the nation with the highlight being the Nevada Day Parade.

This year will be our state’s 154th birthday, and also marks 80 years since the Nevada Day Celebration moved to our Capitol, featuring a large parade downtown on Main Street, Carson City. The theme for the Nevada Day 2018 Celebration is “A State of Economic Diversity.”