No charges in Minden post office fracas |

No charges in Minden post office fracas

Battery charges against Wayne Archer III were dismissed by the Douglas County District Attorney.
Kurt Hilebrand | The RC

Charges have been dropped against Lowell Archer III, 31, in connection with a June 7 fracas with a political group at the Minden Post Office.

Archer said Wednesday that the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office won’t be pursuing the case against him.

“I think they saw through it,” Archer said of the confrontation with members of Lyndon LaRouche’s political action committee, which was set up at the post office.

Archer called the sheriff’s office that day after talking to the Minden Postmaster who said committee members were encroaching on post office property.

He said while he was waiting for deputies to arrive, he tried to talk to one of the people and then took one of the pamphlets, that he said appeared to be for the public.

A confrontation ensued and the committee members claimed that Archer grabbed one of them by the arm. Archer denied this, saying he was actually slapped on the hand by a committee member.

There was no report that anyone was injured in the incident.

The Impeach Obama petition booth had been at the post office on several occasions prior to the incident.

Archer was taken into custody after Van Der Schaaf’s wife conducted a private party arrest for battery.

The group was distributing a petition to impeach the president over bombing in Libya in support of the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi and the approval of the Health Care for America Plan, typically referred to as Obamacare.

Archer thanked his friends and family for all their support.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support from the community,” Archer said. “The support from my friends and family really helped.”

“It was a really dark time,” his mother, Felicia said of the days following Wayne’s arrest. “And people made it better.”