Night work near Johnson Lane to close one lane of Highway 395 |

Night work near Johnson Lane to close one lane of Highway 395

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On Sunday, overnight single-lane closures will begin as part of an ongoing project to install a traffic signal on Highway 395 at Airport Road and improve other highway intersections in the Carson Valley.

The highway will be closed near Johnson Lane 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.

Speeds will be reduced to 55 mph through the work zone. The road construction schedule is subject to change, based on weather and rate of snow melt over the weekend. The overnight single lane closures will continue through the coming months on northbound Highway 395 between Airport Road and Stephanie Way as roadway improvements are made. Periodic roadway shoulder closures will also continue to be in place on southbound U.S. 395 between Stephanie Way and Airport Road over coming weeks for project-related utility work.

The approximately $1.8 million project by contractor A&K Earthmovers, Inc. will enhance safety and mobility on the highway corridor traveled by approximately 30,000 vehicles daily. A new traffic signal will be installed on northbound U.S. 395 at Airport Road, providing a protected left-hand turn to and from Airport Road. Intersection roadway striping, lighting and concrete islands will also be slightly modified to accommodate the new traffic signal and enhance traffic safety.

At Johnson Lane, an approximately 1,800-foot merge lane will be constructed to provide safer right-hand turns from Johnson Lane to northbound U.S. 395. The existing merge lane from Stephanie Way to northbound U.S. 395 will also be extended to the same length with removal of an existing winter chain-up area. Roadway widths at both intersections will be widened to allow easier and safer turns to northbound U.S. 395 for larger vehicles.

Drivers should anticipate a short-term closure of left-hand turns between southbound U.S. 395 and Airport Road later this spring as a signal is installed at Airport Road. Nearby detours will be available via Johnson Lane.