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NHP plans increased crosswalk enforcement

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With the recent increase in fatal accidents involving pedestrians, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers will be conducting traffic enforcement at crosswalks across Western Nevada.

The most recent accident involved a man walking on Highway 50 at Lake Tahoe early on New Year’s Day.

But pedestrian fatalities are up across the state, and Carson Valley has had some incidents where pedestrians were seriously injured in accidents.

Highway Patrol spokesman Chuck Allen said troopers will be at various intersections in Northern Nevada specifically looking for drivers who do not yield for pedestrians wishing to cross at crosswalks as well as identifying pedestrians who choose to cross a street unsafely or by jaywalking.

In an effort to illustrate awareness and education prior to the enforcement wave, Allen provided safety reminders to motorists and pedestrians.

Be certain to only cross a street or highway in a marked crosswalk

Make sure that each driver approaching the intersection is yielding or has stopped for you before entering the street or crossing the entire roadway–especially on multiple-lane roadways

Even when you have the signal to cross safely, scan both directions of travel and look for moving or approaching vehicles

Don’t assume that every driver will see you in a crosswalk and be aware of all approaching traffic

Be extra careful when crossing the road at nighttime and especially when there is little or no lighting

Pay attention at all times when operating a motor vehicle with special emphasis near intersections and marked crosswalks for pedestrians who may be crossing the roadway

If you notice a vehicle in the adjacent or opposing lane slow down or stop, ask yourself why? There may be a pedestrian crossing the street that you don’t see or another type of roadway hazard not immediately visible

When making a left or right turn at an intersection, always check to be certain that no one is attempting to cross the road adjacent to you

Do not change lanes near an intersection where a motorist immediately in front of you is slowing down or stopped