Newspaper carrier assaulted |

Newspaper carrier assaulted

Staff reports

A substitute Record-Courier newspaper carrier was accosted by two 16-year-old boys and an 18-year-old man who beat him up and stole his wallet and baseball hat Friday night at the Carson Country Market on Mica Drive in Indian Hills.

The victim, a 23-year-old Carson City resident, suffered a broken right arm and contusions and abrasions to the head, face and body as a result of the attack.

Archie Elmer Jessmer Jr., the 18-year-old suspect, appeared before Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl in the East Fork Township Justice Court so that the judge might appoint counsel to his defense Monday.

The two 16-year-old juveniles, Dustin Miller and Christian DeLaTorre, appeared before District Judge Michael Gibbons for a detention hearing Tuesday. A detention hearing determines whether the boys should remain in the juvenile detention facility in Carson City until official charges are filed Monday.

Deputy District Attorney Derrick Lopez said he is unsure as to the exact charges that will be filed against the boys, but he said they will likely be felony level.

Lopez also said he is strongly considering attempting to certify the boys as adults for the purposes of this case. If Lopez is successful and the juveniles are convicted of adult crimes, they could face prison sentences in the Nevada State Prison system.

Miller appeared with his attorney Tod Young while DeLaTorre was appointed the counsel of the Roeser law firm but no representative was in court on his behalf from that law firm.

Gibbons ordered the boys to remain in detention at least until their delinquency petition hearing Monday.

Minden attorney Pat Gilbert was appointed to defend his Jessmer against one count of robbery. The sheriff’s office charged the three suspects with robbery, battery causing substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit these offenses, yet the District Attorney’s Office chose to go forward only with the robbery charge.

EnEarl ordered Jessmer, who appeared in custody, to appear for a pre-preliminary hearing this afternoon. The judge ordered bail at $25,000, reduced from the original bail of $60,000.

It was reported that the victim and his girlfriend were delivering newspapers late Friday night and that they were in the parking lot area of the Carson Country Market.

As the victim exited his vehicle, it is reported that the three male suspects came from an unseen location and attacked the victim. The victim’s girlfriend was in the vehicle at the time of the attack.

According to reports, the suspects beat the victim to the ground by punching and kicking him. The suspects allegedly removed the victim’s wallet and ran from the scene with the victim’s girlfriend calling 9-1-1.

Although paramedics were called to the scene, the victim refused to be transported and later drove himself to Carson Tahoe Hospital where he was treated and released Saturday morning.

Officers received a description of the suspects from the victim and witness and a deputy sheriff recognized the description of two of the suspects. The deputy reportedly had contact with the suspects earlier that evening regarding a traffic situation.

Three deputies responded to Jessmer’s residence to investigate the crime where they reportedly found the victim’s stolen hat in Jessmer’s bedroom.

The victim’s wallet was allegedly found under a junk car on the property where Jessmer lives.