News racks an issue in Indian Hills |

News racks an issue in Indian Hills

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

Indian Hills General Improvement District leaders may not always be in the news, but they might decide where it can be sold.

Trustee Dan Hall said Tuesday he’s bothered by newspaper racks he saw chained to one of the district’s signs. In addition to using the district property, the racks were partly blocking a sidewalk and a woman pushing a stroller had to go into the street to get around them, he said.

Hall thinks a better option would be to build concrete pads for the boxes and charge the papers to use them.

“It’s going to help them out,” he said. “It’s going to be prime real estate.”

“I think that would improve the whole district,” agreed trustee Dianne Humble-Fournier, echoing the consensus of the other trustees.

While Hall said the cost of building pads for the racks would be minimal, he was insistent the district should charge papers to use the space. Jeff Rahbeck, the district’s lawyer, said he’s not sure the district could charge rent but said he will check.

“Even if we don’t charge, I still think if they’re going to be on district property, they should have to have a permit so we can have some control over where (racks) are going to be,” Hall said.

Hall said he has five potential rack locations in mind and will submit them for more board discussion in October.