New voting equipment survives first test |

New voting equipment survives first test

More than two-dozen people checked in on Election Day, walked up to the booth and then walked away without casting a ballot.

On Wednesday, Clerk-treasurer Kathy Lewis said 26 voters fled before they cast a ballot.

Douglas County commissioners certified the election results on Wednesday after hearing a report from Lewis.

“They put their card in the machine and before they cast their ballot, they left,” she said. “They walked away and we couldn’t catch them.”

While only a small percentage of voters participating in the June 12 primary election, Lewis said it was a larger number than she’d seen before.

“This is a higher number than we’re used to,” she said. “We always look at these and ask ‘what’s our closest race?’ We want to be fair.”

Part of the issue might have been the new machines, which Lewis said lets people take their cards out before they’re done.

“On the old machines you couldn’t take your card out until you’d cast your ballot, but these new machines are not like that.”

County Commissioner Nancy McDermid said there were two or three voters who deliberately left before casting their ballot.

She said election workers told voters not to remove their card until prompted.

Lewis reported five voters were issued provisional ballots because their registration could not be located.

McDermid said reducing the number of polling places increased the voter traffic at Nevada’s oldest town.

In the last election, residents of Sheridan could vote at that fire station, but the new machines require a secure network connection.

“A lot of people came by because they were going to Carson or Reno for work,” she said. “Or they would stop there when they were coming back. We had a line in Genoa when the polls opened. The people who had worked there before said it was the most they’d ever had.”

On Election Day, the community center was the most popular polling location with 1,669 voters, while the Gardnerville Ranchos and Johnson Lane were close to tied with 1,289 and 1,248 voters each.