New trustee at Indian Hills |

New trustee at Indian Hills

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

The fourth time was the charm for Riley Evans.

Evans said he applied for empty seats on the Indian Hills General Improvement District board three times before he was picked unanimously Thursday night by the other four trustees.

“I know what to expect. I’ve been this route before,” Evans said during a break in the meeting, two hours after he was selected and sworn into office, moving from the audience to the board table.

His appointment officially lasts through December, but Evans will most likely be in office until the end of 2002 because he is one of two people who are seeking election to finish a pair of unexpired terms that were created by a recall effort earlier in the year. Two trustees were recalled, while a third resigned before the recall.

Rhonda Pascoe was appointed to one of the seats, but she is moving to Illinois.

Evans was one of two applicants for Pascoe’s seat. The other was Donald LaFara, a lab certification officer for the state of Nevada.

LaFara and Evans both applied for the vacancies that were created by the June recall. While the trustees agreed either would be qualified, they said Evans’ frequent attendance at meetings made the difference.

“He’s been here. He knows the issues,” said trustee Dan Hall, who is also a recent appointee to the board and is seeking election to finish the other unexpired term.

Evans and his wife Jacqueline have lived in the district 12 years. He is a Navy veteran and worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 20 years.

With Evans appointed, the Indian Hills board has four of the five members who will be serving through 2002 in position. Evans and Hall, as the only candidates for the unexpired terms, are virtually guaranteed the jobs.

Voters will also decide who will serve a pair of four-year terms. The candidates are incumbents Ron Kruse and Dianne Humble Fournier, Pascoe, whose name will appear because the deadline for removing it is past, and Renee Haskell, one of the trustees who was recalled in June. With Pascoe effectively out of the race, at least one of the incumbents will stay in office.

Board chairman Steve Weaver is not facing election.