New town manager takes over at Gardnerville |

New town manager takes over at Gardnerville

by Merrie Leininger, staff writer

Jim Park thinks Gardnerville is a “dynamite” community. He thinks the town staff is “wonderful” and he and his family are “very happy” to be in Northern Nevada.

As you can tell, Park is a positive-thinking person who jumped right into the job as Gardnerville town manager.

Park was hired last month and started the job Aug. 5. He has spent the time since getting acquainted with the area.

“Everyone I have visited with so far has been so nice. Everyone is looking toward a community vision and that is really refreshing. I have been doing lots and lots of just visiting with people and that’s going to continue for the next few weeks,” Park said.

He has lived in Southern Nevada his whole life, until recently in Pahrump while he worked in the parks and recreation department for Clark County. His wife, Pam, is a housewife, and they have two children, Alyssa, 11, and Robert, 8.

“My family is coming up a week from Saturday and they are really excited. They will be starting school and have already called and got into AYSO soccer, which is a big thing with both kids. It is non-stop around our home,” Park said.

Park said he will welcome the return to piano lessons, softball and school activities because his family will be together again in their rented home, and he will no longer have to commute from Reno every day. Park said his whole family visited the area before he was hired and everyone loves the Carson Valley.

“You have four seasons here, which is something our family hasn’t had. The scenery is something money doesn’t buy. There is something about Canada geese flying overhead that makes you feel good,” he said.

Park has been getting up to speed on Gardnerville projects already in the works, including the village green project, which would turn the area between Highway 395 and Chichester Estates into a “real showplace” with shrubs, flowers and walking paths. The area would also have more parking for downtown visitors.

The area will abut the Martin Slough project that will be designed as a wetlands area with a walking/bike path where people can bird-watch.

He said other immediate projects are street maintenance on Douglas Street and constructing a maintenance building for the town.

An idea Park hopes to bring to fruition soon is the creation of a town motto.

“One fun thing we’re going to do is send the idea of a town motto or slogan out to the youth and allow our children to come up with something that represents us,” he said.

Park said, for the long term, the town will create a 5-year capital improvement project plan for large projects and maintenance projects.

Another project is getting a Web site for the town that would list not only meeting dates and agendas, but also projects, maintenance and general information about Gardnerville government.

Park said keeping communication going is an important part of his job.

“For me, the most important mission is to support this town in the most cost-effective way possible. Citizens are our customers. I want people to know the doors are always open, and as soon as I get a phone number, they can call me anytime of the day or night. It is all part of being a community.”