New technology officer survives first network challenge |

New technology officer survives first network challenge

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The day after news went out Douglas County had a new technology officer, so did the county’s internet and email servers.

On Thursday, Tammy James faced a network outage that closed several online and public services.

James was named to lead the technology services department on May 14, the county announced on Wednesday.

“While inconvenient to have the network offline, the data network did the job it was designed to do, protect the integrity of the county data,” she said. “Several departments were able to switch to manual mode and operate with little or no change.”

The bug quickly escalated after it was narrowed down to a firewall.

“After performing extensive troubleshooting, it was determined that the root cause was a malfunctioning device,” James said.

The outage didn’t affect the county’s voting equipment, according to Chief Elections Clerk Dena Dawson.

“The voting systems never even touch the county’s network or firewall system so Thursday’s issue didn’t affect them in any way,” Dawson said.

Early voting started at the historic Douglas County Courthouse 10 a.m. Saturday.

No stranger to trouble, James started out as the administrative assistant to the Douglas County 911 Center.

“James has seen and understands the unique challenges facing technology services over the years due to her experience working alongside her team since 1997,” said Assistant County Manager Jenifer Davidson. “James has been a proven leader in the department as well as the entire organization, both in her assigned role and frequently taking on duties of the chief technology officer in the absence of one.”

James has worked for the county for 24 years in various roles from administration to management. She has been responsible for planning, organizing and directing all elements of the county’s technology services functions which includes information technology, geographic information systems, public safety radio and telecommunications.

“I am excited and thankful to be given this opportunity to provide direction to our outstanding Technology Services team,” she said.