New Tahoe County moving forward |

New Tahoe County moving forward

Lorna McDaniel

The Tahoe Citizens Committee continues to move forward with a proposal to form a new county in Nevada with the hiring of a North Shore coordinator.

Helene Larson Yates was selected last week as the coordinator for residents of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, said Kelly Krolicki, executive coordinator.

The TCC proposes to form the Tahoe County from the Lake’s portion of Douglas and Washoe counties, which would include 20,000 residents.

Yates, owner of a business consulting firm, has a background in media, formerly as assistant publisher of the North Tahoe Week and the owner of the Tahoe Truckee Super Saver.

Yates said she is working part-time for the TCC. However, she said she expects she’ll be working full time toward summer.

Yates said she and her husband Larry agree with the proposed new county.

“We feel the Tahoe County is the only feasible, reasonable thing to do,” she said.

The North Shore membership drive has brought the TCC’s numbers to about 800, Krolicki said.

The TCC’s efforts to incorporate the North Shore into the proposed new county included sending 5,600 surveys Tuesday to find out the concerns of the citizens, she added.

Krolicki said she has received 20 back.

She said the TCC has found that most resident concerns were about education.

“As rural schools,” she said, “we have different needs.”

She explained that because Tahoe is federally mandated to not grow, the schools at the Lake will never grow like those in the valleys of Douglas and Washoe counties.

Instead, she said there is a need for diversification in curriculum that high school students have to get from community colleges.

The TCC will approach the 1997 session of the Nevada State Legislature with the new county proposal, according to Mike Jabara, TCC chairman.

Krolicki said efforts toward making legislation have included conversations with members of Government Affairs committees and leadership of both the Senate and the Assembley.

A bill has not been drafted yet, she added.

The TCC opened an office at the Kingsbury Station, room E-3 in January.

Tahoe Township TCC meetings are held at 7 p.m. the third Thursday of each month at the Lakeside Inn & Casino. For information call, 588-1997.

North Shore meetings will be held at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Chateau, in Incline Village. May’s meeting will be held on the second Thursday. For information call, 833-1997.