New signs warn motorists of Waterloo, Mottsville curves |

New signs warn motorists of Waterloo, Mottsville curves

Staff Reports
The south guardrail on Waterloo in February after a December collision.
Kurt Hildebrand

Six new road signs warning motorists of the sharp turns on Mottsville and Waterloo lanes were installed in an effort to improve safety on the route between Gardnerville and Kingsbury Grade.

The new signs are activated by radar and once complete will light up as motorists approach.

The curve on Mottsville as it approaches Foothill has been the scene of a handful of fatal collisions, including that of a motorcyclist last summer.

In December, the guardrail on the southern curve of Waterloo was destroyed in a collision.

“Waterloo Lane has recently become an area of concern due to increase in traffic and the sharp curves,” said county Transportation Engineering Manager Jon Erb. “These signs should help people be more aware of the approaching curves and the need to decrease their speed.”

In January 2020, the Regional Transportation Commission approved a request to fund the signs after multiple crashes at each of the three locations over the past year.

The Regional Transportations Commission primary function is to insure safety and mobility on Douglas County’s roadways.

The Douglas County Road Department is an essential function of Douglas County and the Road Department continues to maintain roads and signage through the coronavirus outbreak.