New sentencing date set for Minden bank robber |

New sentencing date set for Minden bank robber

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Sentencing was continued to March 26 for convicted bank robber Steven Simmons at the request of his lawyer, Jennifer Yturbide, who was appointed to the case five weeks ago.

In requesting the delay, Yturbide said she was waiting for additional information.

“Additional avenues need to be explored in preparation for the sentencing,” Yturbide said in a motion to Judge Michael Gibbons.

Simmons of Mammoth Lakes was to be sentenced Monday and faces up to 30 years in prison. He was convicted of armed robbery on Jan. 25 by a jury of nine men and three women following a three-day trial.

After the trial, he asked Gibbons to replace court-appointed lawyer Tod Young who represented him.

Simmons said he was upset that Young implicated friend Shawn Johnson in the Nov. 25, 2005, armed robbery of the Minden branch of Bank of America. Johnson was not charged in connection with the robbery.

After the trial, Young said that Simmons would not communicate with him which made it difficult to prepare for the sentencing.

Yturbide is the 27-year-old former snowboard park employee’s third court-appointed lawyer. He was represented by Terri Roeser until she retired and Young took over the case.

“Defense counsel has had to communicate with people out of state and coordinate their input on behalf of the defendant,” Yturbide said. “Additional information can’t be provided prior the March 12.”

Simmons has been in Douglas County jail since his arrest about 30 minutes after the robbery. He was found hiding in a dog house less than a mile from the bank.

The money – nearly $5,000 – was recovered and no one was injured.