New phase begins in 395 tree planting |

New phase begins in 395 tree planting

Supporters are looking for some long green to plant more than 100 trees and bushes along a stretch of Highway 395 between Genoa and Muller lanes.

The Carson Valley Reforestation and Beautification Foundation is seeking money from the Minden Town Board to extend the line of trees along the west side of the highway another two miles south.

Nearly 70 trees have already been planted in the past two weeks and preparation for the rest is under way.

Foundation President Nick Koropchak said water for the trees will come from the Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District. Since the water line lies north of Muller Lane and is under pressure, Koropchak said there won’t be any need for pumps.

“We have received approval from the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection to use the water for a roadside drip system,” he said.

The drip system is a big-ticket item in the tree planting, costing an estimated $20,000, but not as much as the trees.

Full Circle Compost’s Craig Witt is consulting on the soil to ensure the trees have the best chance to survive.

“We did a soil test and that’s what we based the whole program on,” he said. “The key element along the highway is a complete lack of trace minerals. Because it’s road base, we had to dig out all the trees that were dying and amend the soil in the hole.”

Witt said Full Circle is donating what it can to the project.

“We’re doing our homework on the fertility,” he said. “People who want to grow trees should seek good advice from a local source. If you can grow a tree on roadbase along Highway 395, then you can grow one anywhere.”

Genoa Tree Farm owner Dink Getty is supplying the trees and planting them. The entire collection of trees are estimated to cost $25,000. Site preparation is $5,000, bringing the project cost up to $50,000. Koropchak told members of the Minden Town Board that the group has raised all but $10,000 for the project. Town board members approved $1,000 of the $5,000 Koropchak sought, but Town Engineer Bruce Scott, attorney George Keele and former board member Ray Wilson pledged $500 each.

The proposal is a continuation of the project that has planted 300 trees over the last decade along Highway 395 north of Genoa Lane.

Cottonwoods lined the highway before it was widened in 1985.