New First Lady looks forward to the move into the mansion |

New First Lady looks forward to the move into the mansion

by Sharon Carter

Now that the 1998 elections are over and Kenny Guinn, her husband of more than 40 years, is Nevada’s governor-elect, Dema Guinn said her goal in the next few weeks is to get moved to Carson City.

Reached by telephone at her home in Las Vegas, Guinn said she has been told renovations to the Nevada Governor’s Mansion, which began last summer, will be completed within the next few weeks.

“Since there’s just the two of us and no small children, moving should be fairly simple – if we have a place to move into,” she said. “We have plenty of grandkids, and they’re excited about visiting us in the mansion.”

Guinn said the $5 million renovations to the stately house on Mountain Street in Carson City include moving the three-car garage to add more room for entertaining, taking out back walls, installing an elevator and tripling the size of the kitchen.

“Other than that, they tell me much didn’t change in the mansion,” she said. “The old garage area is extended closer to the house and into the backyard. They are pouring the foundations for the walkways and doing the landscaping, now.”

For those who spread blankets on the grass in the mansion’s backyard and enjoy yearly Carson City Symphony summer concerts, Guinn says not to worry.

n Plenty of room. “I think there will still be plenty of room,” she said. “If some space is lost, there are things that can be done. I’ve got to get there and look at it.”

Guinn said she has been telling people that her main job is to support her husband, keep the 15,000 square-foot governor’s mansion running smoothly and make sure it is available to the people of Nevada.

“They tell me everything will be ready for the swearing in on Jan. 4,” Guinn said. “And that the traditional reception at the mansion after the ceremony will take place as usual. While I’m looking forward to it all, my goal is to get moved in and get the inauguration over with.”

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