New entertainment rules approved |

New entertainment rules approved

A revision of Douglas County code to clarify the definition of live entertainment will be a Christmas present for both those enforcing the code and those who must work within it.

The new code eliminates acoustic music as live entertainment and clarifies how many events holders of liquor licenses may have.

Assistant District Attorney Zach Wadle said that under the new code, live entertainment is clarified to mean amplified live music or theme shows.

The new code, approved by county commissioners last week, also defines special events as something where between 50-500 people are in attendance, or any event that includes live entertainment.

Wadle said the revision will remove smaller events where only acoustic music is being performed.

Organizers will be able to serve liquor at events with approval of county departments.

Permanent liquor license holders will be able to allow live entertainment within their building, but will require a special liquor license for entertainment outside the building.

The rewrite eliminates an issue with the code that limited permanent liquor license holders to four events a year while temporary liquor license holders could have a dozen events a year.

Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce Director Bill Chernock called the rewrite a vast improvement.

“Believe it or not this simplifies things by a factor of 100,” he said. “What we had was a set of requirements that few people could understand. Because they weren’t consistent, the enforcement agency in sheriff’s office found them difficult to grasp.”

Chernock said the new rules are cleaner and will permit the sheriff’s office to take action should someone violate them.