New drug charge sends man to prison |

New drug charge sends man to prison


A Gardnerville man was sent to prison on Monday after his probation was revoked.

Daniel R. King, 30, had been on probation for three months before he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on Feb. 27 in a Minden casino.

King was convicted of felony sales of a methamphetamine in November as a result of three controlled purchases conducted by the Douglas County Street Enforcement Team.

During one of the purchases, on Jan. 30 2017, King disappeared with the money and the drugs. A traffic stop in February 2017 resulted in his arrest.

He received a suspended 12-48 month sentence in that case.

Defense attorney Matthew Ence asked District Judge Tom Gregory to reinstate King’s probation and order him to participate in the Western Regional Drug Court.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said King had a chance at probation.

“Rather than test, he dropped off the radar,” Levin said.

“I screwed up and I realize that,” King said. “I’d like to have one more opportunity at probation.”

In addition to his original sentence, he was also given a concurrent 12-30-month prison sentence for the possession charge.

■ A Gardnerville man who was found with a small bag of methamphetamine was sentenced to prison on Monday.

Timothy R. Christensen, 47, was arrested in May after he was pulled over and deputies found two pipes and a small bag of methamphetamine.

Christensen said he’d just received a lot on Washoe land after years of waiting.

Attorney Kris Brown said Christensen had lost part of a foot to diabetes, arguing for probation.

“I asked him what was different this time, and he said ‘enough’s enough. You reach a point where it’s time to grow up.’”

Christensen was sentenced to 12-30 months in prison with 85 days counted as time served.

■ A Winnemucca woman faces up to six years in prison and a $20,000 fine after she admitted to selling heroin.

Ashley Gonzalez, 22, was arrested after a series of drug sales, the last of which occurred in May 2017.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on June 4.

Gonzalez is eligible for probation. Gonzales was taken into custody after court on Monday for violating her bail conditions.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos man admitted to two counts of possession of heroin in District Court on Monday.

Adam J. Guenther, 27, was arrested with the heroin on March 2 and March 15. He is seeking diversion to drug court on one count and a suspended 12-30 month sentence on the other.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 4.

■ A 43-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man admitted to possession of cocaine in connection with a Feb. 25 traffic stop.

Andrew W. Riley was arrested after a deputy said he was weaving in his lane on Highway 395 near Holbrook Junction.

Riley was in possession of the cocaine, as well as having 5 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.

He was ordered to return for sentencing on June 11.

■ A man faces up to six years in prison after he admitted Monday to offering heroin for sale.

Andrew M. Zahtilla, 37, is in custody in Douglas County Jail as a result of his arrest in connection with a Dec. 1, 2017, drug case.

As part of his deal with the state, Zahtilla is not allowed to seek diversion on the charge.

He could also be fined $20,000.