New deal on track for Muller |

New deal on track for Muller

An agreement with the owners of property along Muller Lane Parkway could see the northern route around Gardnerville and Minden completed in this third of the century.

Construction of Muller Parkway is part of the county’s transportation plan and is estimated to cost $10.7 million.

Landowners are presenting four development agreements to the county that would complete not only the road, but connect it to Highway 395 on both sides, should the county complete its portion.

In exchange for committing to complete the road within six years, the county is being asked to reduce the road to the same two lanes the county plans to build across Park land.

“Absent these agreements, it is at least possible that Muller Parkway will never be constructed in its entirety because no development will occur to trigger its construction,” according to a letter from attorney Mark Forsberg, representing the land owners.

Under the proposal, Park Ranch Holdings would build Muller north of Toler Lane. Carson Valley Inn owner Mike Pegram’s And Away They Go LLC would build the road from Grant Avenue north. Pegram’s Peapeg LLC would build the road from Monterra south to Park’s property.

Landowners would build nearly 5,000 feet of right of way under the agreement.

The agreement would also modify slightly the right of way of Muller Parkway across Park Cattle land so the county no longer has to reimburse the Parks for moving a slough the road would have crossed.

The county has had an agreement for right of way for the road across Park property since 2005, but other factors have prevented the right of way from actually being transferred to the county.

Should county commissioners approve the agreement with the Parks, they would have six years to build two lanes of the road that will stretch north of Minden and Gardnerville.

The Parks have also acquired the former Ashland Park and will be required to dedicate that missing piece of Muller at Toler Lane.

The original agreement required the county to build the road within seven years of the recording of the dedication or with in five years of acquiring the Ashland Park, which will require another development agreement.