County tears down nuisance homes |

County tears down nuisance homes

A doublewide home on Granite Way in Topaz Ranch Estates was torn down by the county after being declared a nuisance. The cost of the work is being charged to the owners tax bill.
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The demolition of two derelict doublewide homes in Topaz Ranch Estates will be charged to the owners’ tax bill.

The homes are located at 3781 Granite Way and at 1380 Albite Road. It cost the county $6,545 to tear down the Albite Road home and $5,395 to tear down the Granite Way home.

Douglas County commissioners voted Thursday to recoup the costs of tearing down the structures by charging it to the owners’ tax bills.

“This is the first abatement since adoption of property maintenance section of the code in 2014,” Community Development Director Mimi Moss said at a May 4 meeting where commissioners agreed to tear down the structures. “It’s new for you and it’s new for us.”

Moss said debris from the homes was blowing into neighboring property, posing a threat to residents.

“Debris was flying into neighbors’ yards almost injuring people and animals,” she said.

In approving the item, County Commissioner Larry Walsh, who represents TRE, said he received several complaints.

“I’m real happy we’re being proactive on this,” he said.

The homes were demolished on May 11. Moss said the county had $14,000 available from civil penalties to pay for the demolition.

According to a letter sent to Seeley, Calif., resident Irene Shipley, the county first wrote her on March 18, 2015, saying the property was supposed to be cleaned up by Aug. 19, 2015. Since then the county has sent Shipley 20 notices of violation without answer.

The Granite Way home was split in two, with sections of the walls and roof blowing into neighboring properties, posing a hazard for the neighbors. According to the assessor’s office, the Granite Way home was moved to the site in 1986.

A letter was first sent to the owners of 1380 Albite, San Diego residents Marvin and Carmen Langohr in March 2015. That home had been on the site since 1972.