New Airport light on the way |

New Airport light on the way

Workers are installing electrical infrastructure associated with a light at Airport Road and Highway 395 on Thursday morning.
Kurt Hildebrand

Hello Johnson Laners,

There are going to be some changes coming our way in 2018. First off, the Nevada Department of Transportation will be upgrading Highway 395 at the intersections of Airport Road, Johnson Lane and Stephanie Lane. We have all been seeing some of the preliminary work occurring. I myself was curious about the different colors on the huge rolls. Some investigation into the bid paperwork looks like it is the infrastructure to bring fiber optics and other utilities down to Airport Road.

If you have lived here for any length of time you recall the discussions about lights along 395. I remember when the Johnson Lane light went up. There were a lot of people up in arms about it. Then the light at Stephanie was installed. We survived the installation of both of them and soon there will be a light at Airport Road. Some will not be happy that there are three lights within 4 miles of each other, but from my view point it will save lives. The intersection is so dangerous the county school buses are required to go down Heybourne to Johnson Lane to a controlled intersection.

It is my understanding that all three intersections will now have improved northbound acceleration lanes. Acceleration lanes are a gift from traffic engineers, I for one love them! However, one thing that gets me pounding on the dash is when someone stops before even entering the lane. The lanes are there so you as a driver can match your speed and merge into the traffic safely. By stopping in the acceleration lane, you can actually cause an accident. Acceleration lanes are also installed going south after the light turns green. Remember these lights do not stop the southbound traffic. In order to merge properly you again need to match your speed to traffic. It will also help if others will considerately move to the right or left to allow the merging traffic to enter. Bottom line be courteous to other drivers. In the insurance commercial with George Washington crossing the Delaware he says “We all have places to go!”

You may never see the next improvement but the Johnson Lane Baptist Church will be having a new sign installed in the coming weeks. The old poster board sign was beginning to show its age and needing repair. The new sign will be attractive and the Church will be able to post messages about events. No ceremony has been planned as of yet but if one happens I will put something out on social media. Those going up and down Johnson Lane may notice it if they are preceptive but I would bet most won’t even know it once it gets installed.

Finally, my last update, there is a new Boy Scout Troop in the area. Troop 411 has been reorganized and now has approximately 5 active scouts. I am a proud sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America. My son Junior received his Eagle Scout and my stepson is currently in scouts. Regardless of the many controversies with Boy Scouts they remain one of the only organizations who teach great behavior to young men and soon young women. If anyone is interested in Troop 411 please contact Don Burke, Scoutmaster at (775) 443-7703 or Todd Enke, Committee Chairman at (775) 291-2814. I highly encourage parents to consider the scouting program from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts they provide outstanding guidance and training to the next generation.

I close with a request that you please say a prayer for the families of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. There are plenty of places to point the finger. All I ask is you keep them in your hearts and we pray that we never have to go through such an ordeal.

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