Nevada Moves Day drives Jacks Valley staff, students |

Nevada Moves Day drives Jacks Valley staff, students

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Jacks Valley Elementary students, parents and staff walked and biked their way to school on Wednesday to recognize the fourth annual Nevada Moves Day.

More than 110 schools across the state participated in the event, which highlights the importance of pedestrian safety, physical activity and spending time with friends and family in the Silver State’s great outdoors.

“Whether as part of an organized event or not, Nevada Moves Day is an opportunity to help children learn more about pedestrian and bicycling safety,” said Bill Story, manager of NDOT’s Bicycle, Pedestrian and Safe Routes to School program. “Whether it’s for Nevada Moves Day or part of a daily routine, physical activity at an early age, such as walking or bicycling, helps reduce heart disease, diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses. Plus, walking or biking to school can lessen up to 25 percent of morning rush hour traffic that results from children being driven to school.”

The department urged drivers to be mindful of reduced speeds and varying school start times in school zones.

“Motorists should also only pass bicyclists when it is safe with at least 3 feet of space between the bicycle and vehicle and never overtake a vehicle that has stopped for pedestrians,” the department said. “Pedestrians and bicyclists should only cross streets when safe, and look both ways before and while crossing.”

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