Nevada Celts come to Carson Valley |

Nevada Celts come to Carson Valley

There have been lots of celebrations of culture in Carson Valley ranging across the alphabet from the Basque to the Washoe.

But on Saturday the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park played host to the first Celtic Faire anyone can remember.

Events Manager Kim Harris said she hopes to make the faire an annual event at the park, which celebrates the Valley’s ranching heritage.

You’d think Germans would be more inclined to celebrate on properties settled by immigrants from Minden, Germany, but Harris pointed out that Sertoma’s Oktoberfest was just last weekend.

William Puchert, president of the Sons & Daughters of Erin, said the event allowed the Reno Celtic organizations to extend their reach into Carson Valley.

“We saw this as a great way of advertising to the Carson Valley folks what our festival was like and maybe cultivate membership too,” he said. “We’ve come to realize we should start doing events outside of Reno. We saw this as an opportunity to bring a little Celtic culture to the Carson Valley.”

Puchert said he was impressed by the number of people who donned kilts to attend the event.

“We’re very impressed with the number of people who’ve come out and are wearing their kilts and colors,” he said. “We feel this is a most beautiful backdrop. Your Sierra are the most majestic.”

Puchert showed off the Nevada State Tartan, which features a lot of blue and silver, in addition to streaks of red.

While Harris had a bit of a tartan on, she said she couldn’t locate her kilt.

But she said she hopes there will be more opportunities to track it down in the future as the Celtic Faire becomes an annual event.

The Celtic Faire was the final special event of the 2019 Dangberg Summer Festival.

Among the organizations attending were the Nevada Society of Scottish Clans, Northern Nevada Celtic Celebration, Sons & Daughters of Erin of Northern Nevada, Clan Donald of Northern Nevada, Clan MacLelland, the Nevada Civil War Volunteers and the Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club who brought their hounds.

“We are excited to introduce a new event to Carson Valley that the entire family can enjoy. We are also very grateful for the assistance of many individual contributors in the Celtic community,” said Kim Harris, the park’s events manager.

The Northern Nevada Scottish Highland Dancers and the Sierra Silverstrings performed at the event.