Neighbors seek abandoned home’s sale |

Neighbors seek abandoned home’s sale

A home on Agua Caliente burns on Saturday night.
Harold Morris/Special to The R-C |

More than three years after a fire rendered a home in their neighborhood uninhabitable, Saratoga Springs residents are seeking the property’s sale.

The home at 1162 Aqua Caliente Court caught fire on May 12, 2012.

Since then the home has been open to the elements, with pigeons and rodents nesting in it. If neighbors are successful in selling the property, the new owners could demolish or restore the home.

Homeowners association President Jan Walls said she expects several buyers to be interested in the property.

“I can’t imagine there aren’t going to be several people who want to buy it,” she said. “The bid is the back taxes and our dues.”

She said the home does not need to be torn down.

“The three people I’ve spoken to about it, said their plans were not to tear it down. Just the garage part of the house in the back is damaged.”

She said board members boarded up the windows to keep children out.

“It’s right on the main drag, so everyone gets to see it every day,” she said. “We’re the ones who boarded it up, because kids were going inside, and we didn’t want to be liable for any damages.”

Walls said tracking down the responsible parties for the home was one of the delays.

She said Wells Fargo or Freddie Mack were involved, as were the home’s former owners.

Someone had been paying the taxes on the home until the last year. In order to be able to sell it, the association had to pay the back taxes.

Last month, the Saratoga Springs Estates Homeowners Association posted a notice that they intended to sell the property to collect $9,596.26 in back association dues, plus late charges and the back taxes.

According to the legal notice, published in The Record-Courier, the foreclosure sale is Oct. 21.

The 2,000-square-foot home was built in 1998. The fire started in the garage while someone was working on a vehicle. Firefighters had to open holes in the attic to extinguish the blaze.

An attempt to sell the home at foreclosure in 2013 fell through, according to documents filed with the Douglas County Recorder’s Office.