Neighbors pitch in after house burns |

Neighbors pitch in after house burns

by Merrie Leininger

A fire left Suzy Bording’s family without a home and grieving for a lost pet, but neighbors are doing the best they can to support them.

“There was an incredible outpouring in that neighborhood. I had a call from the Elks today who wanted to help. But immediately, the neighbors banded together and committed to cooking dinner and breakfast for the family for as long as it takes,” said East Fork Fire Capt. and Inspector Terry Taylor.

– Blaze. Taylor said the majority of the structure at 2758 Clapham St. in the Johnson Lane area was destroyed by a fire that started about 7 p.m. Wednesday in a plastic trash can.

Smoldering ashes from a wood stove had been discarded in the can and the can ignited. Because the can was sitting against an outside wall, the house soon caught fire.

“What most people don’t realize is ashes will last for four days. They can still ignite combustible material. That’s a real safety issue,” Taylor said. “We did a whole study in California in the mid-80s. Every hour, on the hour we took a new load of briquets out and it would set the paper on fire until the fourth day.”

The fire spread throughout the garage and into the attic before the residents, Suzy Bording and her children, Ellyse Bording-Derdin, 13, and Jon-Michael Derdin, 12, discovered it.

By that time, Taylor said, the fire was spreading and difficult to knock down.

He said more than 50 firefighters from six stations responded. The fire was declared extinguished at 8:38 p.m. and firefighters continued to work at the scene until 10:30 p.m.

The family got out safely and firefighters were able to rescue most of the household’s pets, but one dog, a Jack Russell terrier, died.

Taylor said the garage was destroyed and one side of a brand new sports utility vehicle melted. The front end of a 30-foot motor home was damaged, but the interior is habitable. The family is living in the motor home for now.

Taylor estimated the damage to house and contents at $125,000. The homeowner does have insurance. Bording bought the house in September and recently remodeled the kitchen and living room.

Firefighters from the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department, Jacks Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Douglas County Engine Co., the Ranchos Volunteer Fire Department, East Fork Firefighter/Paramedics and Fish Springs Volunteer Fire Department responded. Taylor said the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was the first on scene and was helpful in controlling traffic.