Neighbors may take a look at HomeDepot, Target plans |

Neighbors may take a look at HomeDepot, Target plans

by Sharon Carter

Neighbors of the North Valley Plaza will have a chance Wednesday to look at artists’ renderings of the Home Depot and Target stores that are expected to anchor the shopping center slated for the southwest corner of the Jacks Valley Road/Highway 395 intersection.

“We sent notices to owners of properties that abut the site, but those who have shown a past interest or are now interested are also welcome to have a look and see the process we go through when we do a design review,” Douglas County Senior Planner Mimi Moss said Friday.

Visitors can expect to learn how the county planners are coordinating the designs submitted by two of the “big box” retailers the county has been courting for the past few years.

Moss said Junior Planner Lee Plemel is reviewing the Home Depot design and Assistant Planner Pete Wysocki is reviewing Target.

n Working together. County planning staff, particularly Plemel and Wysocki, have been working with the county Redevelopment Agency and engineers hired by the project’s developer, John Serpa, for the past few months.

“We’ve been working through the process for some time and for the last couple of months, we’ve been working pretty hard on a lot of issues. We think we’ll be able to turn these (plans) around fairly quickly,” Wysocki said Friday. “They are working well with us and each other.”

Plemel said the Smith’s and Ironwood centers are examples of how planners can allow some flexibility for different businesses but still tie in design elements to fit together and fit in with the landscape.

Traffic, parking and design consistency between the separate buildings are some of the issues planners are addressing.

n How they’ll look. Some things are already agreed upon – the stores will face Highway 395 and parking lots will be between the stores and the highway. Home Depot’s delivery dock is in its southeast corner, also facing the highway, although its lumber drop off will be in the southwest corner across from the park. Target’s delivery dock faces Vista Grande, directly across from two vacant residential lots and a commercial parcel. The Plaza’s overall color scheme is likely to be a combination of two beige-gray earth tones, with some cream-colored stucco above the front entrances. The stores will be built of split face concrete block, with a light gray shade above and medium gray below to give external walls a wainscot effect. They will probably be trimmed in rustic wood. Landscaping for the stores and the realigned Vista Grande Boulevard will include maple and juniper trees, various shrubs and flowering plants and lawn areas. The residential neighborhoods to the south and west will be buffered by block walls with wood trim, a small, four-acre park in the southwest and a landscaped, retention pond in the southeast.

n Creature comforts. Wysocki said the Douglas Target, at 123,000 square feet, and Home Depot, at nearly 132,000 square feet, will be similar in size to the chains’ Reno stores. The Home Depot will sit slightly higher on the hill than Target.

“But unlike the Reno Home Depot where you have to pull into an open driveway to get your lumber and bigger items, the (Douglas) Home Depot will have a porte-cochere (covered area) for loading,” Wysocki said.

Plemel said loading, parking and equipment areas will be screened.

The planners foresee no new traffic control devices other than stop signs at the stores’ driveways off Vista Grande and Jacks Valley Road and a yield sign where traffic from the businesses merges with traffic on 395 from a “pork chop,” right turn in/right turn out, highway access.

“Jacks Valley Road and Highway 395 are state roads, so NDOT (the Nevada Department of Transportation) makes the call on what happens there. Our traffic reports call for left turn lanes at the Jacks Valley traffic light and a dedicated left turn lane at Vista Grande,” Wysocki said. “Whatever the state requires though, will be incorporated into our design review.”

n Others interested. The planners said they are also getting inquiries from other businesses interested in finding out more about the North Valley commercial center.

“And once these two anchor stores are established, we expect to attract other bigger retailers and some restaurants to the complex and the county,” Plemel said. “Safeway still has its Minden property and they keep in touch regularly. In ‘n Out Burger has brought in a truck stand to different functions and sold out early every time. The interest is there. Things look promising.”

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