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Welcome to National Faith and Blue Weekend

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Pastor Leo Kruger, who is a chaplain with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office attends a December 2019 veterans wreath ceremony at Garden Cemetery.
Kurt HIldebrand

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Unit and local places of worship jointly organized a police-community engagement activity to take place in Douglas County as part of the first National Faith and Blue Weekend.

Vinyl banners will be set-up at participating places of worship where members and community members can write messages or draw pictures describing what policing means to them and how law enforcement can keep people safe and ensue equality before the law.

The banners will be open for the public through Monday (times vary by location). Following the weekend, the vinyl banners will be presented to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Faith and Blue, the organizers of the National Faith and Blue Weekend, represent every major national law enforcement membership and professional organization in the United States and every faith tradition. The efforts are based on the premise that strong communities are built on mutual respect and understanding. Law enforcement and faith institutions are pillars of communities, and when they work together, we thrive.

“We are very excited about participating in the first Faith and Blue weekend,” said Sheriff Dan Coverley. “In Douglas County, we are lucky to have strong relationships with our faith-based organizations and it is our hope that this will continue to foster a healthy dialogue on how we can continue to serve the community together.”

Collaboration between law enforcement and faith-based organizations are invaluable for creating safer and more engaged communities. The following places of worship are participating:

■ Carson Valley Bible Church

■ Carson Valley United Methodist Church

■ Crossroads Nazarene Church

■ Grace Community Church

■ High Sierra Fellowship

■ Hilltop Community Church

■ Shadow Mountain Church

■ The River Christian Fellowship

■ Valley Christian Fellowship

The Sheriff hopes to hear from everyone. A goal of this event is to get participation from a wide age range of members from each congregation- including children.

If you are a local church and would like to be included in the National Faith and Blue Weekend, please contact mblosser@douglasnv.us.