National Antique Oldsmobile meet wraps up |

National Antique Oldsmobile meet wraps up

The JT hosted the NAOC for lunch on Friday. Sixty club members were in attendance at the Gardnervile restaurant.
Brad Coman | The Record-Courier

Three-score antique Oldsmobiles and their owners are on their way out of Carson Valley this morning after spending four days touring Western Nevada.

Hosted by the Carson Valley Inn, the more than 100 members of the National Antique Oldsmobile Club conducted their judging in Minden on Saturday.

On Friday, a tour of a local private car collection stood in for a visit to the National Auto Museum, which was closed due to an arson attack.

The Olds owners ate lunch at the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room on Friday, their antique cars lined up along Eddy Street.

Member Kathy Hone said one family drove their 1970 Vista Cruiser from New Hampshire to attend the event. Cars ranged in age from a 1903 Curved Dash to a 1977 Toronado.

She said 63 cars were signed up by Friday.

“The Carson Valley Inn has just been wonderful,” she said of the club’s host.

On Thursday, the group toured the Nevada Railroad Museum, where they rode the McKean Motor Car.

At the Nevada State Museum, a medallion was minted celebrating Ransom E. Olds and his first low-dash model car created in 1897.

Olds grandsons Ed and Tom Roe were at the museum on Thursday, talking to people about their grandfather, who was an automobile pioneer.

Carson Valley rancher and national meet organizer Doug Hone said that Olds started out making electric cars, but couldn’t get batteries of sufficient power so he switched to internal combustion engines.